The Fleeting

Although I’d prefer to just throw these videos up I think their subject deserves contextualization: This is a thoughtsickle on the relationship between the temporary and the permanent, the ‘good’ and the ‘bad,’ academics and the world they hold themselves above yet claim to write about the essence of in some sort of timeless insight into the nature of human existence. The tension between the temporary and the timeless and opposition of permanent human nature and temporary relevance, is interesting in contrast to someone whose permanent legacy is work that embraces the fashionable and the seasonal, yet is striking for its humanity, presence, and insightfulness into what may be human nature- or existence itself.

‘One of the strongest criticisms you can levy on an academic is to call their work fashionable’ – paraphrased from the Little Red Schoolhouse acclaimed academic writing program at UChicago

‘Fitting one’s work into anthropology is often tricky- does your study have relevance beyond the current trend? And what does it mean to make the topic into a subcategory, which has sometimes sunk the topic and people’s then boxed-in reputations and careers with them. We’re just getting over a time when it was fashionable to compare the global and the local- all people were talking about was the global versus the local in various topics and places all over the world. But at the time, it was what you had to do if you wanted funding. Before that it was [I forgot] and now it’s [I inconveniently forgot]‘ – poor paraphrasing of a conversation with Professor S. Scott

1) In Flower

2) Fall?

3) Ice Pack

4) Wistful

Four (un-embedable and therefore self-sourcing) excerpts from the work of the poorly photographic, yet marvelous street photographer Bill Cunningham


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